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For 40 years, JVD has been committed to offering protection and care. Care for you, your health and your comfort. But also protection for all life forms. We create and manufacture products that make sense, for both you and our planet.

Thierry Launois CEO

that care.

JVD products accompany the daily lives of millions of people around the world. Far from home, at work, on vacation, on the roads, in stations, hotels, restaurants, JVD equips communities and personalizes hotel rooms. Our core business is to think about comfort for everyone, everywhere, at every moment. For over 35 years, we have been driven by the closeness we have with our customers. To ensure the best service, we are proud to be a company that listens, progresses, questions itself, and invests heavily in innovation and modernization of our activities. Our strength lies in a diverse team, composed of women and men from different cultures, present all over the world, but also united by the values of respect and enthusiastic confidence in the future.
Our energy, our creativity, we put them at the service of professionals in Hygiene and Hospitality. We imagine innovative solutions to improve service quality everywhere, enhance the customer experience, facilitate the work of cleaning staff and hotel managers, and guarantee the absolute satisfaction of users of our accessories. Today we go even further, by inventing the cleanliness of tomorrow. With the launch in 2019 of the first intelligent cleanliness management solution Hygiaconnect, we offer the world of Hygiene a new dimension of services. Let's enter together into the era of Smart Cleaning and revolutionize the future of hygiene.

Present in over 100 countries

  • 4 subsidiaries worldwide
  • 40.000 hand dryer sold every year
  • +20.000 hotels equipped worldwide

JVD. Products
that care

Hygiene, well-being, and now your health... For over 35 years, JVD has been designing, inventing, drawing, testing, developing, and manufacturing products whose sole purpose is to take care of you, your customers, your patients, your employees. Taking care is so ingrained in our culture that we also ensure to protect our environment. By favoring eco-design, being eco-responsible, preferring local partners and suppliers. So, this care to which we are so attached, we wanted to write it, affirm it, claim it: we wanted it to be carried by our new signature. The signature of products created for today's and tomorrow's uses, designed to last.
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A third place to gather and innovate

More than just an accelerator for the development of JVD's activities and a space designed for the well-being of its employees, Imagin'Air is also a third place!

Our CSR commitments

JVD is a French company that designs and manufactures collective hygiene equipment and solutions, as well as air purifiers, designed for everyone and built to last. We are convinced of the role we have to play for our common future. That's why eco-responsibility is now one of the major pillars of our strategy. Design, manufacturing, transportation, use, after-sales service, or recycling, at JVD, every detail matters.

Our history

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Our values
Our know-how

With 40 years of experience, our teams have complete mastery of the design and manufacturing processes. Our products are designed, drawn, manufactured, and rigorously tested by our teams. From the receipt of the smallest component to after-sales service, our solid industrial processes guarantee JVD quality. We aim to offer our customers the best possible service and provide useful, ecological, practical, and aesthetic products to everyone. 40,000 hand dryers, 400,000 paper and soap dispensers are produced each year at the Rezé site, in Loire Atlantique.

Our values

Our innovation strength is enriched by the 40 years of expertise of our R&D team and our partnerships. Our integrated R&D team constantly develops solutions to put innovation at the service of users’ well-being. Over the years, our research department has partnered with the leading names and startups in the French industry to offer increasingly efficient hygiene and hospitality accessories and equipment. The result of 3 years of internal research, and then close collaboration with future users, Hygiaconnect embodies JVD’s innovation strength. With the rise of SmartCleaning, JVD is now inventing the hygiene of tomorrow.

Our values
Being responsible

At a time of widespread planned obsolescence, JVD is committed to offering its customers durable products. We are convinced that today’s strategy is to improve tomorrow’s. Design, manufacturing, transportation, use, after-sales service, or recycling, at JVD, every stage of the production process of our accessories is carefully considered to preserve resources. All JVD employees are driven by the desire to commit to the future.

Our team

Discover the women and men who make JVD.
In Singapore, Mexico, Spain and France, JVD teams are committed to customer satisfaction. Whether in the design office, purchasing, marketing, sales administration, accounting, quality service or after-sales service or manufacturing and shipping, discover the portraits of a committed team.

Jude Business Development Director - JVD Asia
Florence Export Sales Administration Officer
François Hygiaconnect Development Officer
Soizick Accountant and HR Assistant
PEDRO Incoming Goods and Warehouse Officer
Frédéric Director of JVD Mexico subsidiary
Blandine Accountant
Aurélien Western Region Salesperson
Sabrina Sales Administration Assistant
Abel Area Sales manager
Florence Import Purchasing Officer
Charles Area Sales Manager
Caroline Export Sales Administration Officer
Sandrine Customer Relations Officer
Jérôme Group Purchasing Manager
Flora Finance Manager and HR Manager
Gilles France Sales Manager
Maryse France Sales Administration Officer
Anthony Warehouse Officer
Delphine Manufacturing Agent
Jean-Guy Designer
Olivier Technical Manager
Laetitia Manufacturing Agent
Nelly Manufacturing Agent
Manuella Manufacturing Agent
Jennifer Export Dispatch Officer
Olga Assistant Director, Spanish subsidiary.
Simon Marketing and Communication Manager
Marina After Sales Service Agent
Juliette Communication Officer

A strong team spirit is what makes JVD special.

My main missions are to expand and deepen interactions with JVD’s international strategic partners. A big part of my job is understanding the evolving needs of our clients in an ever-changing and fast-paced market. Only then, can we offer products that will best match with the current demands and realities.
Obviously, human contact plays a big part in being successful in my missions. I take the most pleasure in developing long-lasting friendships with my clients. Forming personal bonds in professional interactions with my colleagues is also key. I work in close relations with my Marketing and Design counterparts and the Nantes-based teams of JVD.
A strong team spirit is what makes JVD special. JVD Asia represents a collaborative effort to bridge Asian culture and a French heritage and know-how. This versatility is part of our strength.
If I had to summarise JVD in one word, I’d choose « adaptable ». In the hospitality industry, which is continuously setting new trends, JVD has successfully adapted our product lines and delivery means over the past 30 years to serve this market.

Jude Business Development Director - JVD Asia

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