Hygiene equipment

JVD offers a wide selection of equipment for common areas, lines and colors to fit your environment and make it unique. Thanks to its mastery of the design and manufacture of its products, JVD is the only manufacturer able to offer homogeneous sets of hand dryers to paper dispensers via the soap dispenser.

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SAPHIR automatic

Automatic, contactless, 1100ml capacity. Approx. flow rate 1ml per dose of soap & <2.5ml per dose of alcohol gel



Our Stainless Steel range offers the ideal balance between design and sturdiness. Its look fits into even the highest-end locations. Its vandal resistance, antibacterial treatment and anti-fingerprint treatment make it the solution of choice for the most demanding settings. Lastly, its antioxidant treatment, applied to real Stainless Steel, endows it with tremendous resistance to corrosion and an extraordinarily long life.


Black has the virtue of endowing an object with a more qualitative value. Whatever the ambiance of the place, black products can fit in easily (and can be either discreet or highly visible). The matte aspect amplifies the qualitative side of the product and makes the solution less dirty and more scratch resistant. Ever in pursuit of solutions which can minimize our environmental impact, the black color has given us the opportunity to use recycled plastic.



The Cleanline range was designed to be both classic and timeless. Its rounded shapes and straight sides allow it to fit seamlessly and discreetly into any type of washroom. Its bevelled edges endow it with modernity and character. Its charcoal grey base seems to lighten up the volume. The range's success hinges on the possibility of personalizing the appliances with our clients' logos, as well as their simplicity and practicality.


The purpose of our Kids range is to help children to learn the basics of hygiene from a very young age. By making the experience of washing and drying their hands more enjoyable, JVD provides a comprehensive solution, suitable for environments visited by children. Thanks to our powerful yet quiet hand dryers, JVD also helps to keep washrooms clean, with no wet paper roll on the floor and no clogged pipes.


The use of stainless steel and simple lines for this range gives it a robust appearance. Conversely, the opening for a more carefully worked view of the levels adds a touch of refinement to the design. The final solution is a perfect match for heavy traffic locations.



The more pronounced character of the Yaliss range seeks to give your washrooms a new image between gentleness and liveliness. The products provide new responses to broader requirements: larger capacities, universal or removable cores and improved hygiene, whilst retaining all the qualities of the Cleanline range (ease of use, personalization, etc.). To date, this is the most complete range for fitting out your washrooms.