Discover the Secrets Behind Perfect Hotel Mini Fridges!

When it comes to furnishing your hotel rooms, the value of the minibar cannot be discounted and should not be underestimated. One essential aspect that guests often values is a well-stocked mini fridge full of refreshments and a facility to store their medication/cosmetics/refreshments. This enhances their overall room experience and adds convenience during their stay.

 As you embark on selecting the ideal mini fridge for your hotel rooms, the decision between a glass door and a solid door fridge becomes critical. In this blog, we’ll explore the merits of both options to help you make an informed choice that will serve your objective in delighting your guests.

  1. Aesthetics and Visibility:💎

 Glass Door Mini Fridge: The allure of a glass door mini fridge lies in its ability to showcase the contents without guests having to open the door. This feature can tempt guests to indulge in impulse purchases, thereby increasing guestroom beverage consumption.

It also adds a touch of modernity and sophistication to the room decor, elevating the overall ambience.

Solid Door Mini Fridge: On the other hand, solid door mini fridges offer a classic and more traditional appearance. While they may not provide the same level of visual appeal as glass door fridges, some hoteliers might prefer to hide these fridges, especially in rooms where the minifridge door can be affixed to the cabinet door so that the minibar contents can be accessed directly when the cabinet door is opened.

 2. Energy Efficiency:🌎

 Glass Door Mini Fridge: Energy consumption is relatively higher in transparent glass door minibars because it allows for more heat transfer, which could lead to slightly higher energy usage compared to solid door fridges. Cooling temperature of glass door minibars are usually much higher than solid foam door ones due to heat transfer. However, feature enhancement such as LOW-E glass and 3 ply glass panel doors can be chosen to minimise loss of coldness and reducing external heat coming into the minibar.

 Solid Door Mini Fridge: Solid minibar door fridges generally provide better insulation, reducing heat transfer and maintaining consistent lower temperatures than glass door minibars. Less power is required to cool down the mini fridge can eventually translate into cost savings for your hotel in the long run.

  3. Maintenance and Cleaning:🪣

 Glass Door Mini Fridge: Glass door fridges allows housekeepers to take stock of the refreshments without opening the door. Having said that, the glass door surface would require more diligent maintenance as fingerprints, and smudges may be visible, affecting their aesthetic appeal. Regular cleaning is essential to keep the fridge looking pristine and inviting for guests.

 Solid Door Mini Fridge: Solid door fridges might require less frequent cleaning overall. However, it’s still essential to ensure the interior and exterior remain spotless for a hygienic guest experience.

 4. Guest Convenience: 🥰

 Glass Door Mini Fridge: A transparent glass door fridge allows guests to quickly identify the items they desire, saving time and minimizing the need to open the fridge repeatedly. It’s especially beneficial for hotels offering premium minibar options.

 Solid Door Mini Fridge: While not as visually convenient, solid door fridges provide a level of discretion, keeping the contents hidden from view. This could be preferable for guests who likes to have that surprise element.


 By selecting the perfect mini fridge, you can create a positive impression on the guests, and provide an unforgettable stay that keeps them coming back for more.

 JVD has a wide range of glass door and classic solid door minibars and newer designs like wall-mounted and drawer minibar options.

 Whatever your requirements, be sure to speak with our JVD’s local representatives who can give you invaluable advice.