In-Room Safes

You need a Serious Partner
Today, more than ever, your business guests would expect the best combination of both security and convenience. JVD digital in-room safes exceed expectations. JVD safes are powered by the most advanced processors; engineered and built to provide maximum security for hotel guests. They are built to withstand rugged day-to-day use and to last the life of the installation. They are user-friendly and yet offer one of the most secured systems in today’s room safe security. It is a long term investment in quality.

No other system offers the extra measures of quality and convenience. Only JVD does…
Every hotel’s needs and circumstances are uniquely its own. With more than 30 years of experience in providing solutions to the hospitality industry, JVD knows and understands these differences and has taken them fully into consideration in our designs. But the ability to meet your needs goes beyond recommending hardware. JVD safes bring you a number of impressive benefits and offer a better way to further extend your services to your valued guests.

JVD hospitality difference
JVD builds its future by safeguarding Quality, Competitiveness and the French know-how. Our focus on serving the hospitality institutions throughout our 30 years of proven leadership has seen JVD products installed throughout the world; value added products that work harder, smarter and better than any alternative.

JVD global support
JVD support goes far beyond the right products. Headquartered in France, JVD’s manufacturing concerns, subsidiaries and distribution network is globally extensive. You will feel secure with the knowledge that the finest equipment is supported by a professional network of subsidiaries and trained distributors.